Conspiracy Theory, Peak Oil, and the IEA

There is an interesting article nearing publication by Swedish professor Kjell Aleklett who is president of the Associate for the Study of Peak Oil. His article effectively claims that the IEA’s forecast for oil supply is nothing more than fiction and that the IEA is simply a puppet to larger political bodies. For more on this read the Platts’ article from The Barrel:

The latest peak oil projection: a stunning difference | Platts

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A great book on sustainable energy

Sustainable Energy - without the hot air Don’t waste another minute … buy this book! With Energy being a more and more important topic for our lives, the planet, and the geo-political landscape it is critical that we all start to have legitimized frameworks for thinking about how energy is used and how much real
potential different sustainable energies can help to move us away from our dependence on a hydrocarbon-based (aka, non-sustainable) energy economy. This book doesn't explore the economic or moral angles to energy or environment but instead by focusing on clear and quantitative data it helps the reader to clearly understand the true limits and potentials that certain technologies have in providing a greener future. This information should be mandatory reading for all citizens who vote on alternative energy legislation.

Both the UK and US Amazon sites give this book a 5 out of 5 stars. Find out why.

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Sungard announces another ETRM product

Could this be the beginning of the end for Zainet, Nucleus and rest. The website now only talks about Entegrate and Aligne. It is not clear what the difference is unless you are a data manager or power generator.

But there are still questions - like no mention of support for European markets, where Zainet has been winning clients recently.
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