Container Derivatives

Interesting trade done in container derivatives -

Though one could argue that this kind of innovation in derivatives may be what led to the credit crunch in the first place :)

Tax probe in to Emissions Trading - arrests made

Germany’s probe into possible tax evasion linked to trading of emissions allowances has led to law enforcement action in at least nine other European countries, including arrests in the U.K.
Link to Bloomberg article

Could this result in more wide sweeping changes to the way VAT is treated; perhaps similar to the recent developments in Norway for domestically traded emission allowances?

Gazprom losing ground

A very interesting analysis of an FT article written recently about Gazprom’s apparent drop from the “untouchable” status they’ve held in Russia as well as some of their gas woes.

Gazprom Running Out of Gas | Seeking Alpha

SolArc wins Eco-Energy

Eco-Energy – one of the biggest mid-stream bio-fuel companies in North America – has recently chosen SolArc’s RightAngle product to support their growing business.

Article: Eco-Energy Selects SolArc RightAngle to Support Alternative Energy Supply Chain

Daylight Savings Time is an energy hog

If you thought that DST was a waste of time and a huge pain, here's some new research that bolsters that view, at least from the energy-saving perspective - a new study shows that DST actually uses more energy than it saves.

OpenLink scores highly in the 2010 Energy Risk awards

OpenLink has scored first place in 11 different categories – including best ETRM package – in this years Energy Risk awards. For a summary article see:

OpenLink Sweeps the Boards in Energy Risk Survey 2010 | bobsguide, 16 March 2010

Wind Politics

An interesting article in Scientific American about how competing interests in the North American power market are contributing to a variety of legislation to curtail wind power:

Will Politics Slow the Wind? | Scientific American, March 2010