API to get into baking

A mildly amusing article in Platts about the American Petroleum Institutes reaction to the new EPA mandate related to greenhouse gases:

API views endangerment finding as threat to US economy, families and bakers

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European Gas Markets

Listen to a two part discussion on the European Gas Markets with Thiery Bros, Senior Financial Analyst, Société Générale:

Part I

Part II

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The silver lining from the recession cloud

Looks like being in a recessionary economy aint all bad. The number of people being killed in road accidents on US highways has dropped dramatically to 1960s levels, according to 2008 figures. This was partly due to the high gas prices last year. But in general, less vehicle miles are being driven and less gas being used than in the boom years.

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Doesn’t matter if its not true … it’s my point of view and I’m sticking to it


Politicians are well known for their strong opinions and moral fibre. Oh wait, that’s not quite correct … politicians are known for taking a position which serves them well and flogging it. Yes, that sounds better.  

Friday’s “The Barrel” from Platts contributed on article titled: Regardless, House Republicans stick to their story. It illustrates how an MIT report (undoubtedly seen as a left-leaning educational source and hence a better base for a Republican platform) was used by the Republicans to flog Cap-and-Trade as overly expensive to consumers ($3k per tax payer). When the author of the article pointed out that they had come to a conclusion that was exponentially off the mark they decided to … ignore the criticism and keep flogging the message.

It sure would be nice if this kind of behaviour was laughed out of existence but I’m afraid this is just politics-as-usual.

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