Doesn’t matter if its not true … it’s my point of view and I’m sticking to it


Politicians are well known for their strong opinions and moral fibre. Oh wait, that’s not quite correct … politicians are known for taking a position which serves them well and flogging it. Yes, that sounds better.  

Friday’s “The Barrel” from Platts contributed on article titled: Regardless, House Republicans stick to their story. It illustrates how an MIT report (undoubtedly seen as a left-leaning educational source and hence a better base for a Republican platform) was used by the Republicans to flog Cap-and-Trade as overly expensive to consumers ($3k per tax payer). When the author of the article pointed out that they had come to a conclusion that was exponentially off the mark they decided to … ignore the criticism and keep flogging the message.

It sure would be nice if this kind of behaviour was laughed out of existence but I’m afraid this is just politics-as-usual.

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