TriplePoint wins

TPT has announced a few recent wins in November. Wins include Unilever, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), and Peabody.

Press Releases: Unilever | TVA | Peabody

Correlating Recessions and Oil Prices

GDP and Oil Price over time

I was reading another POV on peak oil and found this graph in the discussion which I thought was well presented. You can find the article – which feels like a relatively even handed “peakist” view – here: Time and the Latest CERA Report. The actual article where this chart originated is more specifically geared to the relationship oil price has with recessions and can be found here: Further Evidence of the Influence of Energy on the US Economy. In this latter article, take a look at the comments from some not so moderate “peakists.”

World Energy Outlook released … concerns over it’s legitimacy raised

IEA's WEO for 2009

As we approach the release of the annual World Energy Outlook (released today) report from the IEA there are new reports coming out that suggest that the US Government has been putting pressure on the IEA to inflate the rate of flow through the supply chain from today’s 83m barrels/day to 105m by 2030. This new criticism has not been responded to yet by the IEA but apparently they have said they will respond to it soon.

Article Reference: Key Oil Figures Were Distorted by US Pressure | Guardian

How should we respond to this type of information? My suggestion is that we don’t react yet; this “finding” is really just in the rumour stage and unless the story develops we will likely be at the whim of two large “global storylines” promoted by very well capitalised interest groups or highly passionate people who both believe that the ends justify the means when it comes to mass media manipulation (or at least obfuscation). As a result these stories hit the press relatively frequently and the press – either unwittingly or through influence – promotes the stories as news more than as rumour. This in turn further entrenches most people into the camp that they were already in (a la, “the echo chamber” effect) and on occasion – typically when prices are directly effecting the end customer’s lifestyle – helps to create movement of public opinion in the debate. To be completely clear … I am not suggesting that this most recent rumour is incorrect, simply that there is no way to know at this stage.